CDMH.10-2x-2f CO2 Extraction Equipment

CDMH.10-2X-2F CO2 Extraction Equipment


CO2 Extraction Equipment

The CDMH.10-2X-2F is a versatile closed-loop supercritical CO2 extraction system, ideal for start-up companies, research and development, and laboratory applications. Powered by a custom hydraulically driven gas compressor pump, this mid-range equipment consists of two extraction vessels, two expansion chambers, and offers the option to run one or both vessels simultaneously. Choosing single vessel operation enhances efficiency, allowing the operator to prepare one vessel while the other is in use, resulting in a higher flow rate. With integrated proprietary software, precision pressure control hardware, engineered heat exchangers, and powerful temperature controllers, the IES system ensures precise process control, stability, and the creation of high-quality extracts. Loading and unloading become effortless with easy-open vessels, quick connect fittings, and precision biomass bags, facilitating quick changeover and optimizing gas charge/recovery through special valving and software algorithms. Whether for small production or development projects, our commercial line of extractors elevates your extraction process.

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