CDMH.200-2x-2f CO2 Extraction Equipment

CDMH.200-2x-2f for CO2 Extraction Equipment


A Revolution in CO2 Extraction Equipment

Root Sciences is at the forefront of extraction technology with the CDMH.200-2x-2f, our flagship in CO2 extraction equipment designed for industrial supremacy. This closed-loop supercritical CO2 extraction system is tailored for high-volume production, offering unparalleled capacity and efficiency for large-scale operations.

Leading Industrial CO2 Extraction

As the largest system in our lineup, the CDMH.200-2x-2f embodies the zenith of CO2 extraction equipment. It features two robust extraction vessels and expansion chambers, coupled with a custom-engineered, hydraulically driven gas compressor pump, ensuring maximum throughput and a consistent, high-quality yield.

Peak Efficiency with Advanced Control

Flexibility in operation is a hallmark of this system, with configurations allowing for both single and parallel vessel execution. This flexibility ensures that CO2 extraction equipment such as the CDMH.200-2x-2f can adapt to the varied demands of industrial applications, providing the option to optimize flow rates or amplify production as needed.

Precision and Consistency in Extraction

The precision of our CO2 extraction equipment is unmatched, thanks to proprietary software and state-of-the-art pressure control hardware. The CDMH.200-2x-2f is equipped with specially engineered heat exchangers and sophisticated temperature controllers, delivering industry-leading process control and extract stability.

Streamlined Operation and Maintenance

Root Sciences’ CO2 extraction equipment is crafted for ease of use, featuring vessels that are simple to open, quick-connect fittings, and custom-fit biomass bags. These user-friendly designs accelerate the harvest of extracts and facilitate a quick transition between batches, significantly improving operational efficiency.

Expand Your Production Horizons

The CDMH.200-2x-2f is not just for mass production; it’s also perfectly suited for smaller-scale operations or research and development projects. With optional enhancements like ethanol co-solvent systems, Root Sciences’ CO2 extraction equipment is versatile enough to meet a wide array of extraction needs.