CDMH.5-2x-2f CO2 Extraction Equipment

CDMH.5-2x-2f for co2 extraction equipment


CO2 Extraction Equipment

The CDMH.5-2X-2F is a compact closed-loop supercritical CO2 extraction system designed for small-scale production, research and development, and laboratory applications. This versatile system consists of two extraction vessels and two expansion chambers and is powered by a custom hydraulically driven gas compressor pump. Operators have the flexibility to run one or both extraction vessels simultaneously, with single-vessel operation being more efficient for higher flow rates. The system ensures precise process control through proprietary software, precision pressure control hardware, engineered heat exchangers, and powerful temperature controllers, offering industry-leading stability. Loading and unloading of the extraction vessel is made easy with convenient features such as easy-open vessels, quick-connect fittings, and precision biomass bags for each vessel. Extract harvesting is quick and simple, with optimized gas charge/recovery and quick change over time. Our commercial line of extractors is perfect for small production or development projects, taking your extraction process to the next level.

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