CDMH.50-2x-2f CO2 Extraction Equipment

CDMH.50-2x-2f CO2 Extraction Equipment


CO2 Extraction Equipment

The CDMH.50-2X-2F is a closed loop CO2 extraction equipment that can perform both subcritical and supercritical extraction. It is one of the best systems in the industry, featuring the best flow rates and reliability on the market. Our extraction system produces high quality, ready-to-use botanical oils by combining temperature, high pressure and unmatched control over the automated processes, helping you save time and increase profits.

The closed loop design of the CDMH.50-2X-2F ensures that your extraction process is free of contaminants and maintains a consistent temperature throughout the cycle while recovering more than 90% of the CO2. This is achieved through several features, such as a dual chiller system, an insulated vessel for cooling the CO2, and two independent digital controllers to monitor both temperature and pressure.

Our closed loop CO2 extraction equipment consists of two 50 liter solvent chambers, a hydraulically driven gas booster pump, and a 100% automated control system. With our closed loop CO2 extractor, we use a CO2 extraction process that enables you to produce a clean, pure, quality oil in a safe manner.

CO2 is a proven solvent for industrial applications, as it can produce the highest efficiencies in commercial processing. With CO2, you can adjust the process of extraction to your preference and needs, especially with systems that separate elements as extraction occurs.

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