Frequently Asked Questions

Short Path Distillation is a thermal separation process that can operate at low temperatures with a low residence time.

Wiped film distillation is similar to short path distillation with the main difference being the position of the condenser. Wiped film evaporators use an external condenser and short path evaporators use an internal condenser.

VTA is a specialist in thermal process engineering. The company designs and manufactures thin film and short path distillation plants for laboratory and pilot purposes. You can view a VTA laboratory model here

Butane Hash Oil, or BHO is the essential oil extracted from the cannabis plant using Butane as a solvent. BHO concentrate can be extracted from fresh or cured material. The result is a mix of waxes, cannabinoids and terpenes.
The Short Path Distillation Plant VKL 70-5 can process 1500ml/hr of cannabis concentrates into a clear and odourless distillate.
Yes! Our short path evaporator, specifically the Short Path Distillation Plant VKL 70-5 is a continuous feed system since the feed tank is not under vacuum.
Yes, our short path evaporator is fully jacketed to help maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cannabis distillation process.
Root Sciences provides a commercial-scale solution for cannabis distillation. We provide full machine assembly, testing and training to allow you to produce distillate on day one!