CryoEXS 800

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Key Features

  • Throughput Capability: 800 lb per 8-hour shift
  • GMP Ready: Made with cleanliness, efficiency, and reliability in mind, with tailored GMP documentation included
  • The Complete Solution: Skidded, scalable system automatically performs solvent cooling, extraction, biomass desolventization, extract filtration, solvent recovery, and decarboxylation
  • Reliable, Powerful Chilling: Reliable refrigeration solutions provided by industry-leading experts, trusted by companies like Tesla, BP, Apple, Coca-Cola, among others
  • Modular Filtration: Negating the need for winterization, our modular and reconfigurable filtration assembly allows for flexibility, and easy maintenance, cleaning, and element replacement
  • Evaporation and Decarboxylation: Efficient solvent recovery capacity at a sustained 350 liters per hour, this essential function is highly automated, enabling reliable continuous operation
  • Energy Efficiency: Recaptures latent heat from cold ethanol after extraction, translating into a lower utility bill and ensuring the lowest possible cost of operation
  • Materials Conveyance: Capable of integrating into an automated materials conveyance system allowing for sanitary operation with automated biomass input and product discharge
  • Expert On-Site Training: Detailed Standard Operating Procedures included for operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of equipment
  • Service and Maintenance: Service packages to keep equipment in top operational condition