High-Performance CO2 Extraction Equipment

Discover the pinnacle of purity with Root Sciences’ CO2 extraction equipment. Renowned for being one of the safest and most immaculate extraction methods, CO2 uniquely acts as a solvent under specific temperatures and pressures. With our state-of-the-art technology, harness the power to efficiently extract CBD, THC, and other coveted cannabinoids from hemp and cannabis, all while preserving the essential terpenes inherent in the plant.

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Equipment Offerings

CDMH.5-2x-2f for co2 extraction equipment


Introducing the CDMH.5-2X-2F, our most compact closed-loop supercritical CO2 system, designed for small-scale production, research, and labs. Boasting a 10-liter combined capacity across two extraction vessels, each can accommodate 1 – 4.4 lbs (0.45 – 2 kg). This efficient system, fueled by a hydraulic gas compressor pump, permits parallel vessel operation for optimized flow rates.

CDMH.10-2X-2F CO2 Extraction Equipment


Discover the CDMH.10-2X-2F, our closed-loop supercritical CO2 system, perfect for start-ups, research, and labs. With a total capacity of 20 liters across two extraction vessels, each vessel holds 2 – 8.8 lbs (0.9 – 4 kg). It operates at a solvent range of 850-3500 psi (58.6-241.3 bar) and temperatures between 50°-140°F. Efficiency meets innovation as the system, powered by a hydraulic gas compressor pump, offers parallel operation, precision control, and swift extract harvesting.

CMDH.20-2x-2f CO2 Extraction Equipment


Unveiling the CDMH.20-2X-2F, the pinnacle of our commercial CO2 extraction systems and our most sought-after unit. Built for exponential production growth, it boasts a whopping 40-liter combined capacity over two extraction vessels, each designed to hold 4 – 17.6 lbs (1.8 – 8 kg). Powered by a hydraulic gas compressor pump, it offers the versatility of parallel vessel operation for maximized flow rates.

CDMH.50-2x-2f CO2 Extraction Equipment


Revolutionize your botanical oil production with the CDMH.50-2X-2F, an industry-leading closed-loop CO2 extractor known for its high-performance supercritical extraction. This equipment offers the best flow rates and reliability available, delivering high-quality, shelf-ready botanical oils through precise temperature, high pressure, and advanced automated processes. Its completely closed loop design ensures a contaminant-free environment and consistent temperature control, achieving over 90% CO2 recovery.

CDMH.100-2x-2f for CO2 Extraction Equipment


Elevate your medium to large scale production with the CDMH.100-2X-2F, a standout in our lineup of industrial-scale, closed-loop supercritical CO2 extraction systems. This robust system is tailored for efficiency, featuring two extraction vessels and two expansion chambers, all driven by a custom hydraulic gas compressor pump. Its versatile design allows for single or parallel vessel operation, optimizing flow rates and enabling simultaneous preparation and extraction processes.

CDMH.200-2x-2f for CO2 Extraction Equipment


Meet the CDMH.200-2X-2F, the largest and most advanced system in our lineup of industrial-scale closed-loop supercritical CO2 extraction systems, tailored for large scale production. Equipped with two extraction vessels and two expansion chambers, and powered by a custom hydraulic gas compressor pump, this system allows for efficient operation of one or both vessels in parallel, maximizing flow rates and operational flexibility.