miniMeP Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment

Image of ExtractionTek's miniMeP, a compact hydrocarbon extraction machine, featuring a sleek design with advanced technology for efficient cannabis and hemp extraction, set in a professional workspace

Mini Modular Extraction Platform

Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment

ExtractionTek’s Mini Modular Extraction Platform (miniMeP) is at the forefront of cannabis extraction equipment, catering to the increasing throughput demand in today’s rapidly growing concentrates market. This state-of-the-art miniMeP is equipped with the latest in modern hydrocarbon extraction technology and built upon the closed-loop, industry-leading Modular Extraction Platform design – a hallmark in cannabis extraction efficiency. The innovative design evolves alongside your business, a testament to Root Sciences’ commitment to cannabis extraction equipment. This adaptability significantly reduces the reinvestment costs commonly associated with the expansion of growing extraction operations. The miniMeP seamlessly streamlines the upgrade process to larger models like the 30-liter and 70-liter machines, ensuring your business stays ahead in the competitive cannabis extraction industry.

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