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The Future of Cannabis: Cannabinoid Distillates

February 23, 2021
In the world of cannabis, the reputation of cannabis distillates has steadily grown as a targeted area of interest for manufacturers. After all, cannabinoid potency levels in distillates can be profound in comparison to typical extracted concentrates derived through CO2…

Cannabis Legalization News Interviews Root Sciences’ Cofounder, Fadi Yashruiti, on the Latest in Extraction and Distillation Technology

August 26, 2020
In this live-streamed interview by Cannabis Legalization News, Root Sciences’ Cofounder, Fadi Yashruti, takes a deep-dive into the world of cannabinoid processing, breaking down several of the most popular extraction techniques and distillation technologies used by hemp and marijuana processing…

From Plant to Bottle: Cannabinoid Nanoemulsion Webinar Announcement

August 15, 2020
Interested in learning about the manufacturing process of beverages made with cannabinoid nanoemulsions? Sign up on our website for our free webinar scheduled for next Tuesday, August 25th. Jointly presented by GEA and Root Sciences, this webinar will explore

New Extraction Technologies Lining Up to Be Game-Changers

June 3, 2020
In this article titled “New Extraction Technologies Lining Up to Be Game-Changers” published by CANNABIS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY in May of 2020, Root Sciences is listed amongst a select list of companies that made the cut.  “CryoEXS is the first…

VKL 70-5 Demonstration on Canna Cribs

May 21, 2020
Featured in this #throwbackthursday CannaCribs episode on YouTube, Fadi Yashruti of Root Sciences explains the benefits of the VKL 70-5 distillation system. Root Sciences’ Cannabis Distillation Equipment uses gear pumps (instead of gravity-fed systems) to pump oil through the machine,…

Root Sciences Featured in Issue 2 of Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly

April 7, 2020
Just released: The latest full edition of Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly, a MCN (Medical Cannabis Network) publication, brought to you by Health Europa. Inside this issue, you’ll find Root Sciences’ latest article covering the topic of nanoemulsions featured from…

A Message to Our Valued Clients and Partners: We’re In This Together.

April 2, 2020
A Message to Root Sciences’ Valued Clients and Partners: As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, Root Sciences remains committed to supporting you in any way we can. Caring for our employees: The well-being of our employees is a top…

Introducing CryoExS: The All-In-One Cold Ethanol Extraction System

March 9, 2020
CryoExS is the first all-in-one cold ethanol extraction system by Root Sciences that provides the following processes in one package: (1) Solvent Chilling (2) Ethanol Extraction (3) Ethanol Recovery (4) Post-Extraction Ethanol Removal (from Biomass) (5) Decarboxylation/Devolatilization Root Sciences now…

Root Sciences Announces Scitek as Distribution Representative

February 18, 2020
Root Sciences and Scitek have a distribution agreement to provide world-class extraction and distillation technologies to the cannabis/hemp industries in Australia and New Zealand. Root Sciences partnership with them as International Distribution Representatives, offers premium equipment and support services for…


February 13, 2020
Join us in Boston next month for 2020 NECANN, The New England Cannabis Convention! Root Sciences will be at booth #815, exhibiting to cannabis industry professionals on the East Coast from March 20th – March 22nd, 2020. With the recent…

Announcing: Root Sciences’ Premier Program

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