Cannabis Leaf Flavours Identified by Researchers

Original Article from UBC News

Scientists at the University of British Columbia have scanned the genome of cannabis plants to find the genes responsible for providing various strains with their fruity, earthy or skunky flavours.

“The goal is to develop well-defined and highly-reproducible cannabis varieties. This is similar to the wine industry, which depends on defined varieties such as chardonnay or merlot for high value products,” said Jörg Bohlmann, a professor in the Michael Smith Laboratories and faculty of forestry at UBC. “Our genomics work can inform breeders of commercial varieties which genes to pay attention to for specific flavour qualities.”

The study was published today in PLOS ONE.

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Root Sciences featured in Marijuana Venture Magazine.

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A scientist peers deeply into the eyes of a cannabis connoisseur and whispers, “This is not for beginners.” Pupils dilate and adrenaline rushes. What is this magical potion? Interest piques at an all-time high, because distillates—pure cannabinoid concentrates—are being discussed. For the familiar friend of the plant, the next move is clear. The keyword, of course, being “clear”.

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