High-Speed Rotary Evaporators

Accelerate Solvent Recovery and Decarboxylation with a Single System

Join us at Root Sciences as we usher in a new era of rotary evaporation technology with Ecodyst. Together, we’re empowering cannabis and hemp processors to achieve new heights of productivity and success. Ecodyst’s proprietary self-cooling technology has revolutionized the rotary evaporator, increasing efficiency and output while reducing operational costs, footprint, and labor requirements.

Explore our lineup of Ecodyst rotary evaporators today and experience the future of cannabis and hemp processing. Your success is our priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

EcoChyll X3

EcoChyll X5

EcoChyll X7

EcoChyll X9

EcoChyll X3 Rotary Evaporator
EcoChyll X5 Rotary Evaporator
EcoChyll X7 Rotary Evaporator
EcoChyll X9 Rotary Evaporator

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