EFR - Unified Solution for Cold Processed Ethanol Extraction

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The EFR is the only closed-loop all-in-one solution for cold processed ethanol extraction available to the Cannabis and Hemp industries today. Our EFR platform is designed to fit in all current and future extraction facilities, regulatory compliance guaranteed.

The EFR utilizes a flexible batch style method that offers operators Extraction, Filtration and Solvent Recovery in a simple to operate semi-automated C1D1 compliant design. With the addition of the ExtractionTek Stainless Dual Stage attachment, your oil is ready for distillation directly in line without the need for additional refinement.


  • Closed Loop Centrifugal System Design
  • Designed for both Cannabis and Hemp Extraction
  • 30-60lbs of Biomass processed per hour
  • 95-98% Ethanol Recovered
  • UL Listed Control Panel, The EFR Platform is Fully C1D1 and C1D2 Compliant
  • Compact, Modular Design
  • Fits in Existing Extraction Booths
  • 10’x8’ Base Footprint
  • User-friendly, Single-Operator System
  • 35 Gallons of Ethanol in process per Batch
  • GMP and GPP Compliant
  • Third-Party Engineer Peer Review Supplied
  • In-line Filtration Down To 0.5 Micron
  • All Equipment Is Stationary, No Need to Move Heavy Kegs or Vessels in Process
  • In-Line Chilling Option to -40°C
  • Proudly Engineered and Fabricated in Denver Colorado, USA
  • All Steel and Components are Sourced and Fabricated in North America – UMSCA Listed


  • EFR Electrical: 208V or 240V Compatible-3 Phase
  • Auxiliary Electrical: 208V, 240V, or 480V Compatible-3 Phase
  • C1D1 or C1D2 Rated Environment
  • Auxiliary Plumbing Supplied by Licensed Technician Per Local Code
  • Air Compressor Providing 60 CFM of Air at 85 PSI


  • ENGINEER PEER REVIEWED: The EFR Skid and all EFR accessories have been reviewed by our third-party engineers and are ready for compliant operation in all current, legal Cannabis and Hemp markets.
  • CERTIFIED: The EFR Skid meets or exceeds all industry listed standards for: C.R.N., ASME Section VIII, IFC 3904.4. NFPA 1:, 3-A Sanitary Standard, Class 1 Division 1, NSF and UL 21.