Ethanol Extraction Systems

Root Sciences now provides a variety of ethanol extraction systems to best suit the needs of our clients. 

Our current lineup of ethanol extraction systems include the following:

CryoEXS: Cryo-Ethanol Extraction Systems

CryoEXS 400 ethanol extraction system

Crude Oil Extraction, Ethanol Recovery and Decarboxylation from the Global Leaders in Bio-Extraction Technology

With CryoEXS technology, hemp and cannabis processing facilities in the pharmaceutical industry now have the ability to reduce the extraction process down from several days to just a few hours.

Root Sciences’ new line of cryo-ethanol extraction equipment bypasses several steps that most alternative extraction methods require.  Manufactured by DEVEX of Germany, the cryo-ethanol extraction systems (commonly referred to as cold-ethanol) offer a highly advantageous and time-efficient solution to the extraction process.

Together, Root Sciences and DEVEX are paving the way for cryo-ethanol as a sustainable solution for the pre-distillation of crude cannabis oil.

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Our Cryo Ethanol Extraction System Provides the Following Processes:

  1. Solvent Cooling
  2. Ethanol Extraction
  3. Ethanol Recovery
  4. Ethanol Stripping out of cannabis biomass after Ethanol Extraction
  5. Decarboxylation

2 CryoEXS Models Now Available

CryoEXS 400

CryoEXS 800

Traditionally, the most common extraction methods used in the creation of cannabis crude oil have been CO2 extraction, light hydrocarbon extraction, and warm ethanol extraction, as shown on the left side of the diagram pictured above.

In contrast, CryoEXS, as shown on the right side of the chart above, entered the hemp and cannabis extraction market in 2019, and has since cut the extraction process down from days to hours by utilizing cryo-ethanol extraction (commonly referred to as cold-ethanol extraction) technology.

CryoEXS efficiently leaves all lipids behind during the extraction process, which allows processors to cut the process bottleneck down from a few days to just a few hours.

Manufactured by DEVEX of Germany, our cryo-ethanol extraction systems provide the benefit of bypassing several steps that must be followed during the other pictured extraction methods. As you can see from the diagram above, this type of cold-ethanol extraction technology offers a much more advantageous and time-efficient solution to the extraction process.