Short Path Distillation of THC Using Cannabis or Hemp

Short path distillation of THC sometimes referred to as molecular distillation is a process that creates a high value clear distillate containing THC and CBD as well as other cannabinoids. The percentage of THC and CBD in the distillate depends on the strain of cannabis or hemp that you use. Your starting material can be cannabis trim or hemp which then needs to be turned into a winterized BHO (Butane Hash Oil) or winterized CO2 Oil. The process is split into two parts where on the first cut you remove the Terpenes from the cannabinoids and the second cut removes the impurities and solvents, leaving you with a solvent-less and odorless high value clear distillate. The THC distillate can be made into dab, shatter or a fine oil used in vape cartridges or edibles. The cannabis distillation industry has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, and demand for CBD & THC distillate is at an all-time high. There are lots of benefits to oil and distillate, which has skyrocketed its demand and led to price increases at the same time.

So how can the common person extract THC distillate? The simple solution is by acquiring short path distillation equipment from Root Sciences!

The Short Path Distillation Plant VKL 70-5 has a throughput of 1500ml per hour and features an automated easy-to-use continuous feed system. Our Short Path Distillation unit can also be considered wiped film distillation, which is basically a wiped film evaporator that includes an internal condenser.

Why Root Sciences?

At Root Sciences we believe in providing the necessary tools to extract cannabinoids since everyone deserves to enjoy the many benefits of THC distillate whether they be medical or recreational. That's why we combined cutting edge technologies with global brands such as VTA to provide a commercial-scale solution for cannabis distillation. Our equipment has allowed our clients to make major breakthroughs in the recreational and medical cannabis industry.

We want to make it possible for everyone to create distillate from cannabis or hemp, which is why we have the best commercial-scale short path distillation equipment. All you have to do is simply fill out our contact form to inquire about the equipment, and a representative will be in touch with you!

Cannabis has been around for centuries, but only now it is being truly cultivated and its benefits unleashed for everyone. It has allowed medical researchers to make major breakthroughs, and has changed medicine and therapeutic treatments completely.

Installation & Training Included

Short path distillation of cannabinoids allows you to extract a clear THC distillate which can be used for vape carts or edibles with no cannabis odor. Root Sciences provides installation and training for our cannabis distillation equipment. With our help you can achieve results as high as 99.85% in total cannabinoids. The science of cannabis is incredibly complex, but with the right parameters and our professional training you will be able to create a clear highly concentrated, odorless and solvent-less THC distillate.

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Short Path Distillation Plant
VKL 70-5

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