Hydrocarbon Extraction

MeP 30

MeP cannabis extraction equipment

The Modular Extraction Platform (MeP) is the industry’s leading closed-loop solution for modern high-capacity extraction operations. Offering up to 30 liters of material capacity, each material column is independent allowing continuous, nonstop processing. The MeP 30 processes more material using less time, space and labor. The leader in Light Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment has once again raised the bar and redefined efficiency for the extraction industry.


CAPACITYThe MeP 30 has a material capacity of 10-30 liters offering processing upwards of 150 lbs. of material in an 8-hour shift
SIZEMeasuring 15 square feet (5’x3’), The MeP 30 footprint is designed to fit your current extraction room infrastructure without the need for costly expansion.
TECHNOLOGYWith ExtractionTek’s jacketed components operators are able to adjust temperature parameters accordingly for the perfect extraction every time.
VERSATILITYThe MeP 30 provides the flexibility to run Propane, Butane, and blended solvents giving the operator the ability to produce ALL of today’s popular concentrated retail products.
INTEGRITYProudly assembled in Colorado, ExtractionTek refuses to compromise on material quality. The MeP 30 and all units at ETS are built using U.S.Steel coupled with the highest quality components.


C.R.N. APPROVED: The MeP 30 is reviewed by the Country of Canada, and has been issued an active Canadian Registration Number for the provinces of NL, PE, NS, NB, QC, ON, MB, SK, BC, YT, NT, and NU.

CERTIFIED: The MeP meets or exceeds all industry listed standards for: C.R.N., ASME Section VIII, IFC 3904.4. NFPA 1:, 3-A Sanitary Standard, Class 1 Division 1, NSF and UL 21.