MeP 30 Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment

MeP resized 01

Modular Extraction Platform

Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment

Discover unparalleled versatility and efficiency in the realm of cannabis and hemp extraction with the MeP 30, a trailblazer in the hydrocarbon extraction equipment industry. This innovative machine redefines your operational capabilities, offering unmatched versatility with run sizes from 1 lb to 15 lb and the freedom to choose your preferred solvent, butane, or propane. Experience a new level of throughput, as the MeP 30 processes over 15 lb of material per hour with a capacity of 10-30 liters, making it a leader in high-efficiency hydrocarbon extraction. It’s not just about power; it’s about convenience, too. The MeP 30 arrives as a complete, turnkey solution, eliminating the hassle of sourcing ancillary equipment, ideal for commercial and industrial extraction operations. The capability to process an impressive 150 lb per 8-hour shift sets new standards for speed and precision in hydrocarbon extraction technology in the industry.

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