Membrane Nanofiltration Equipment

Dewaxing, Depigmentation/Sugar Removal, and Solvent Recovery

At Root Sciences, we understand that efficiency and versatility are critical factors for membrane nanofiltration equipment. Our X-Spiral units are built to meet the demands of any scale of operation, from R&D to the largest processing plants.

Our units feature a self-priming feed, energy-saving dual pump setup, and housing bypass feature, ensuring easy control of all parameters with minimal hassle. Moreover, X-Spiral units accept a variety of compatible modules, including those from your preferred vendors, in addition to our recommended membranes.

With X-Spiral units, you can rely on precise and reliable membrane nanofiltration equipment that empowers you to create high-quality products with minimal downtime.

X-Spiral 2.5 Basic

X-Spiral 4 Basic

X-Spiral 8

X-Spiral 2.5 Membrane Nanofiltration
X-Spiral 4 Membrane Nanofiltration Equipment
X-Spiral 8 Membrane Nanofiltration

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