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About Root Sciences

Who is Root Sciences?

Root Sciences is the global leader in the distribution of equipment and support services for processing facilities in the cannabis and hemp industries, representing premium extraction, distillation and other post-processing technologies. Founded in 2016, Root Sciences has clients in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North and South America.

What types of technologies does Root Sciences currently represent?

Root Sciences represents premium extraction, distillation and other post-processing technologies in the hemp and cannabis industries.

What year was Root Sciences officially founded?

In 1980, two sets of brothers became life-long friends and would later change the way hemp and cannabis is now processed around the globe.  Over three decades later, Root Sciences was officially founded in 2016 and the company became one of the first to bring cannabinoid distillation to the hemp and cannabis industries.

Is Root Sciences currently represented by sub-agents in any areas?

In 2020, Scitek became the first sub-agent to represent Root Sciences’ equipment in the Australia and New Zealand markets.  “As regulatory reforms continue worldwide and the medical benefits of CBD and THC are researched, the industry is expanding at an incredible rate. Australian health regulators expect the number of medical cannabis prescriptions will more than double to at least 70,000 in 2020, according to MJBizDaily. Beyond the domestic patient base, Australia and New Zealand manufacturers of cannabis-derived medicine are positioning themselves to supply key global markets including Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Asia region. We look forward to working with Scitek to bring industry-leading technology and R&D to Australia and New Zealand and to deliver ongoing benefits for the end consumer and the industry. Scitek has a lengthy history of providing superior technology and engineering services to these markets and their skills and experience will be an excellent addition to our global coverage.” – Forrest Didier, Chief Executive Officer, Root Sciences 

Scitek is listed as the sub-agent for Root Sciences in the Australian market.

What equipment manufacturers does Root Sciences represent?

Currently, Root Sciences represents equipment manufactured by DEVEX of Germany, VTA of Germany and GEA of Italy.

Starting with their extraction line, Root Sciences represents DEVEX of Germany.  Combining DEVEX’s 25 years of know-how and experience in the field of botanical extraction with Root Sciences’ reputation as the market leaders in the field of cannabis processing, the new partnership was formed to produce what both companies identify as “The Ultimate Cannabis Pre-Distillation Process.”   Learn more about DEVEX at

Next, in their distillation line of equipment, Root Sciences represents VTA of Germany.  As global distributors of VTA Short Path Distillation Plants, Root Sciences ensures that new customers are properly setup, trained and ready to make high-quality distillate immediately on day one, followed up by the industry’s best support after sale. VTA’s main focus of production is thin film and short path distillation plants at laboratory, pilot and industrial scale. Learn more about VTA at

For their post-processing line of equipment, Root Sciences and GEA of Italy joined forces to introduce nano-emulsion technology for use in cannabinoid applications.  GEA is one of the largest technology suppliers for food processing and a wide range of other industries. The global group specializes in machinery, plants, as well as process technology and components. GEA provides sustainable solutions for sophisticated production processes in diverse end-user markets and offers a comprehensive service portfolio. For more information, visit

OEM Equipment Manufacturing Partners

OEM Equipment Manufacturing Partners

Does Root Sciences have leasing or financing options?

If you’re considering leasing or financing options, we’re here to assist.  We have several partners that we work with offering up to $10 million for equipment financing. Click here learn more about leasing and financing options. 

About Extraction

Who is DEVEX?

Root Sciences is proud to announce our partnership with DEVEX, the global leader in Cryo Ethanol Extraction Equipment. Root Sciences and Devex, together, will pave the way for cryo ethanol as a sustainable solution for pre-distillation crude cannabis oil.

Devex Logo 2

What is Cryo Ethanol Extraction?

Ethanol extraction has some unique characteristics which make it the most efficient and cost effective solution for any cannabis processor to make its final form of cannabinoid distillation concentrates. Contact us with any questions or additional information.

Ethanol Extraction System CryoExS

What is BHO extraction?

Butane Hash Oil, or BHO is the essential oil extracted from the cannabis plant using Butane as a solvent. BHO concentrate can be extracted from fresh or cured material. The result is a mix of waxes, cannabinoids and terpenes.

What cryo-ethanol extraction models are offered by Root Sciences?

  1. CryoEXS 400
  2. CryoEXS 800
  3. CryoEXS 800-Dual
  4. CryoEXS 4000

How does CryoEXS compare to traditional extraction methods?

  • Traditionally, the most common extraction methods used in the creation of cannabis crude oil have been CO2 extraction, light hydrocarbon extraction, and warm ethanol extraction, as shown on the left side of the diagram pictured above.
  • In contrast, CryoEXS, as shown on the right side of the chart above, entered the hemp and cannabis extraction market in 2019, and has since cut the extraction process down from days to hours by utilizing cryo-ethanol extraction (commonly referred to as cold-ethanol extraction) technology.
  • CryoEXS efficiently leaves all lipids behind during the extraction process, which allows processors to cut the process bottleneck down from a few days to just a few hours.
  • Manufactured by DEVEX of Germany, our cryo-ethanol extraction systems provide the benefit of bypassing several steps that must be followed during the other pictured extraction methods. As you can see from the diagram above, this type of cold-ethanol extraction technology offers a much more advantageous and time-efficient solution to the extraction process.
Extraction Methods Comparison Chart

CryoEXS vs. Traditional Extraction Methods, a Comparison Chart

Is cryo-ethanol extraction faster than other common extraction methods?

Yes! With CryoEXS technology, hemp and cannabis processing facilities reduce the extraction process down from several days to just a few hours.  Contact us to learn more.

What processes does CryoEXS provide?

Cryo-Ethanol Extraction System Provides the Following Processes:

  1. Solvent Cooling
  2. Ethanol Extraction
  3. Ethanol Recovery
  4. Ethanol Stripping (out of cannabis biomass following ethanol extraction)
  5. Decarboxylation

About Distillation

Who is VTA?

VTA is a specialist in thermal process engineering. The company designs and manufactures thin film and short path distillation plants for laboratory and pilot purposes. You can view a VTA laboratory model here.






What is Short Path Distillation?

Short Path Distillation is a thermal separation process characterized by the distilled vapor only traveling a short path before condensing on the condenser, enabling efficient operation with little waste.

What is Wiped Film Distillation?

Wiped film distillation makes use of wipers to spread the feedstock into a thin film, greatly increasing surface area and decreasing residence time – or how long the feedstock is exposed to high temperatures. Wiped film evaporators can use either an external condenser or an internal condenser, in which case they are called wiped film short path evaporators.

VKL Diagram

What is the throughput per hour on the VTA VKL 70-5 short path evaporator?

The Short Path Distillation Plant VKL 70-5 can process 1500ml/hr of cannabis concentrates into a high potency distillate.

Short Path Distillation VKL 70-5

Are your distillation units continuous feed systems?

Yes! All of our wiped film short path evaporators are continuous feed systems, and because the feed tank is not under vacuum and you do not need to stop the system to remove product.

root science product lineup

Is your Short Path Distillation set-up fully jacketed?

Yes, our short path evaporator is fully jacketed to help maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cannabis distillation process.

What is included with your Short Path Distillation equipment?

Root Sciences provides a commercial-scale solution for cannabis distillation. We provide full machine assembly, testing and training to allow you to produce distillate on day one!

What types of extract can the VKL process?

The VKL processes only sulfate-free, pre-processed cannabis oils derived from CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), BHO (Butane Hash Oil) or Cold Ethanol (-40˚C to -60˚C or lower) that have been fully winterized, decarboxylated and devolatized.

What exactly does the VKL system do?

Root Sciences’ VKL extraction systems quickly and efficiently distills a highly-purified, cannabinoid-rich fraction.

The VKL does NOT separate individual cannabinoids and/or remove pesticides.

Are the recovered terpenes usable?

Primarily, only heavy-end terpenes are recovered during distillation. However, these terpenes may reused if desired.

What yield will I see from the VKL?

Individual yields are highly dependent on the material used. However, the VKL system can capture up to 99% of available cannabinoids, and typical yields range from 80-85% by weight.

What potency can I expect from Root Sciences' VKL distillation equipment?

Potency is highly dependent upon the material used, but can exceed 99% total cannabinoid. Our clients report typical ranges in the low to mid 90s.

Drip Distillation

About Post Processing

Who is GEA?

GEA is one of the largest technology suppliers for food processing and a wide range of other industries. The global group specializes in machinery, plants, as well as process technology and components.

GEA provides sustainable solutions for sophisticated production processes in diverse end-user markets and offers a comprehensive service portfolio.

For more information, visit


What is the definition of a nanoemulsion?

An article published by the US National Library of Medicine defines nanoemulsion as a ‘fine oil/water or water/oil dispersion stabilized by an interfacial film of surfactant molecule having droplet size range 20–600nm’. 

What are some key advantages of products made with nanoemulsions versus traditionally manufactured edibles?

At the top of the list, bioavailability of the cannabinoids greatly increases in the human body. (Cannabinoids are the active ingredients in edibles.) When compared to traditionally manufactured edibles and beverages, recent studies indicate products created with nanoemulsions take effect more quickly and deliver more consistent and enjoyable experiences for consumers. Most people also report a much cleaner taste in nanoemulsified edibles and beverages they consume, opposed to traditional edibles.   

What is bioavailability?

In the application of hemp and cannabis infused products, bioavailability is the measure of how much ingested THC or CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream and thus to what degree it elicits an effect on the consumer.  

Does the route of ingestion influence bioavailability?

Depending on the route of ingestion, this can be affected by a number of factors. For example, smoking flower, eating an edible, or drinking a nanoemulsion-based beverage will result in different effects on the consumer. 

Are the nanoemulsions created with our GEA line of equipment water-soluble?

Yes.  Our machines produce water-soluble cannabinoid nanoemulsions for easily incorporating in the manufacturing process of cannabis infused edibles and beverages. 

What types of nanoemulsions can be produced with Root Sciences equipment?

Depending on machine model purchased and other influential operating factors, producers have the option to create clear, high-load, or flavorless nanoemulsions to include in the formulations of hemp and cannabis infused products. 


What are the key benefits to Root Sciences’ nanoemulsion technology in the manufacturing of edibles and beverages?

  1. Our equipment produces water-soluble cannabinoid nanoemulsions
  2. Easily added to beverages and edibles
  3. Improved bioavailability and faster uptake
  4. More precise dosage due to true homogeneous mixing
  5. Create clear, high-load, or flavorless nanoemulsions
  6. Proven homogenization technology used in beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical processing

Who manufacturs Root Sciences post-processing line of nanoemulsion equipment?

Manufactured by GEA of Italy, Root Sciences now offers post-processing equipment to produce THC and CBD nanoemulsions for use in the formulation of hemp and cannabis infused edibles and beverages. GEAspecializing in machinery, plants, as well as process technology and componentsis one of the largest global technology suppliers for food processing and a wide range of other industries. For more information, visit 


What models of nanoemulsion equipment are offered by Root Sciences, and what are the approximate flow rates?

Currently, Root Sciences offers 6 models in our nanoemulsion line of post-processing equipment. The approximate flow rates for these models range from 7 to 24+ liters per hour.


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