WT-CRAFT+ Solventless Extraction Equipment

WT-CRAFT Solventless Extraction Equipment for the cannabis and hemp industry


Solventless Extraction Equipment

Elevating the craft of solventless extraction in the cannabis and hemp industry, the WT-CRAFT+ from Whistler Technologies is a pinnacle of innovation, specifically tailored for hash production with an emphasis on iceless extraction techniques. This system is outfitted with a 300 L agitation tank capable of processing up to 40 kg of fresh frozen biomass or 12 kg of dry biomass per run, enabling a single operator to manage up to 160 kg of fresh frozen biomass over a 10-hour shift. Designed to enhance hashmaking, the WT-CRAFT+ combines craft quality with high production efficiency within a compact footprint. Adhering to the highest quality and sanitary standards, it features stainless steel 316 and 304 for wetted and non-wetted components, food-grade certified components, and customizable compliance with cGMP or EU GMP standards. Complete with a fully stainless steel gearbox and motors, watertight certified connectors, and components rated with the highest IP ratings, the WT-CRAFT+ sets a new benchmark for solventless extraction equipment, ensuring unparalleled purity and efficiency in hash production.

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