VKS 90-S

VKS 90-S wiped film distillation equipment


Maximum Feed Rate 4.25 L/h
Typical Throughput 3.5 L/h
Evaporator surface area 0.10 m2
Power requirements 1Φ 230 V, 60 Hz
Stages Single
Dimensions (L x W x H) 8.4’ x 3.3’ x 6.7’
Certification UL ready (all necessary individual components are UL listed)
Warranty 1 year (excluding glass and vacuum system)
Materials Used 316 stainless steel, borosilicate glass, PTFE glass fiber reinforced rollers
Options 10 L Feed vessel, Immersion chiller for cold trap, Separate heater for residue discharge arm, GMP package to include IQ, OQ, PQ, FAT, SAT, Heated transfer hose to connect multiple units in series

Key Features

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Wiped-Film Short-Path Distillation Equipment

Root Sciences’ wiped-film molecular distillation plants are specifically intended for the processing of cannabis and hemp crude oil, with honest and accurate throughput/yield rates reflecting that.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, these machines are expertly engineered to produce distillate that can be used in a wide variety of products commonly found on the market today.

The VKS 90-S is one of the most economical mid-sized options for reliable production of valuable cannabinoid distillate.

ROI/Payback Period

Daily Processing Time
8-hour (one shift)
24-hour continuous (three shifts)
Daily Crude Cost
Daily Distillate Yield
12 L
36 L
Daily Distillate Value
Payback Period
5 days
66 days
2 days
22 days

Hemp data based on US average prices according to hempbenchmarks.com March 2021 spot price index report. Cannabis data based on 80% yield at Washington State I-502 market prices.