Industry-leading cannabis closed-loop extraction equipment

At Root Sciences, we’re at the forefront of innovation in the cannabis and hemp industries, and one of the key technologies we offer is Hydrocarbon Extraction. This method is designed to extract valuable cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, as well as aromatic terpenes from cannabis plant material.

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Equipment Offerings

miniMEP cannabis extraction equipment


The miniMeP minimizes reinvestment costs when expanding, making scalability a breeze. Its 10-liter capacity enables you to process 5 pounds of material per run, achieving an impressive throughput of up to 40 pounds every 8 hours.

Image of ExtractionTek's hydrocarbon extraction equipment, the MEGA-miniMeP, a compact and efficient hydrocarbon extraction machine with a 20-liter capacity, showcasing versatile solvent compatibility and robust safety features, ideal for the cannabis extraction industry.


The MEGA-miniMeP is the ultimate upgrade for your extraction needs. With an impressive 20-liter material capacity, it processes up to 17.5 pounds of material per hour using multiple recovery pump solutions.

MeP cannabis extraction equipment

MeP 30

Introducing the MeP 30 by Extractiontek – the ultimate in extraction versatility. With run sizes from 1 to 15 pounds, this machine easily handles your critical products. It offers an impressive 10-30 liter capacity and can process over 15 pounds of material per hour. Achieving a remarkable throughput of 150 pounds in an 8-hour shift, the MeP 30 revolutionizes production in hydrocarbon extraction.

The MeP XT70 cannabis extraction equipment

MeP XT70

The MeP XT70 by Extractiontek is the pinnacle of high-capacity extraction. With an impressive 70-liter material capacity and independent material columns, it ensures continuous processing. Maximizing efficiency, it redefines industry standards, running propane, butane, and blended solvents for all popular concentrate products. Processing at 30 pounds per hour, the MeP XT70 is the game-changer in hydrocarbon extraction efficiency.

XLE Test
MeP XLE Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment


The MeP XLE is the ultimate solution for ultra-high-capacity extraction. With versatile material capacity options ranging from 50 to 300 liters, it’s tailored to meet the demands of the modern cannabis industry. Featuring the HFFE Hydrocarbon Falling Film Evaporator by ETS, it ensures efficient solvent recovery.

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