GEA Cannabis and Hemp Post-Processing Equipment

Nanoemulsification Systems for the Manufacturing of Cannabis and Hemp Infused Beverages and Edibles

By adding nanoemulsion systems to our line of hemp and cannabis processing equipment, Root Sciences is (yet again) changing best practices in the production of infused beverages and edibles.

Key Benefits of Nanoemulsion Systems

  • Produces water-soluble cannabinoid nanoemulsions
  • Easily added to beverages and edibles
  • Improved bioavailability and faster uptake
  • More precise dosage due to true homogeneous mixing
  • Create clear, high-load, or flavorless nanoemulsions
  • Proven homogenization technology used in beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical processing

Models Available

Model Approximate Flow Rate (Liters Per Hour) Maximum Pressure (Pounds Per Square Inch)
Panda 1000 24 LPH 14,500 PSI
Panda 2000 10.8 LPH 29,000 PSI
Pony 1000 80 LPH 14,500 PSI
Pony 1500 35 LPH 21,700 PSI
Panther 1000 120 LPH 14,500 PSI
Panther 1500 50 LPH 21,700 PSI

*all measurements are approximate and are based on initial laboratory testing of first commissioned units

Advantages of Products Produced with Hemp and Cannabis Nanoemulsion Technology

Hemp and cannabis nanoemulsion-based products provide substantial benefits when compared to traditionally manufactured edibles and beverages.

Recent studies indicate products created with nanoemulsions take effect more quickly than traditional infused edibles and deliver more consistent and enjoyable experiences for overall consumers in this market. Most consumers will also report a much cleaner taste upon consumption. The proprietary nanoemulsification encapsulation and micronization technologies also greatly increase the bioavailability of the active ingredients: cannabinoids.

Available Downloads

Download .PDF Here

Download .pdf version of “Cannabinoid Nanoemulsification and The Beverage Revolution” published by Health Europa in March of 2020.

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