WT-MICRO Solventless Extraction Equipment

WT-Micro Solventless Extraction


Solventless Extraction Equipment

The WT-MICRO, a compact marvel from Whistler Technologies, redefines efficiency in the solventless extraction sector for the cannabis and hemp industry. Integrating the advanced technology of the larger WT-CRAFT+ into a more affordable, modular system, the WT-MICRO offers customizable configurations tailored to immediate needs with the flexibility for future expansion. This high-performance system boasts a 150L agitation tank featuring a patent-pending double-torus agitation pattern and a false bottom filter, enabling the processing of up to 20kg of fresh frozen biomass or 6kg of dry biomass per batch. With the capacity for up to 80kg of fresh frozen biomass in a single 10-hour shift by a solitary operator, the WT-MICRO sets the standard for high-quality, sanitary extraction processes. Every component, from the stainless steel 316 used for wetted parts to the food-grade certified components and watertight connectors, underscores our commitment to quality and compliance with customizable cGMP or EU GMP standards, ensuring unparalleled performance in solventless cannabis and hemp extraction.