ModelSTX 90
Batch Time2-3 h
Processing CapacityUp to 90 lb/shift
Electrical Options1Φ 240 V, 50-60 Hz, 40 A
Required UtilitiesLN2 Dewar (300 L recommended)
Extraction Vessel Volume90 L
Batch Size5-30+ lb
Dimensions (LxWxH)*213 cm x 124 cm x 176 cm
Weight2,101 lb (953 kg)

*Additional 30 cm required to move the rotating drum for emptying and filling.
The operating space dimensions are 244 cm x 124 cm x 176 cm (plus space for a LN2 dewar)

Key Features

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Terpenes are extremely valuable compounds that give cannabis strains their unique and pungent aromas, as well as attenuate the psychoactive effects of flower, concentrates, and vape pens. Preserving volatile terpenes throughout the extraction and purification process is very difficult, yet terpene content is one of the major criteria by which extracts are judged. The most volatile and aromatic terpenes (mono- and sesquiterpenes) are typically lost to the extraction solvent or thermally degrade in subsequent steps, forming foul smelling compounds.

Enter the STX 90 Solventless Terpene Extractor. By directly distilling the most valuable aromatics straight from the biomass prior to conventional extraction, these prized molecules can be preserved, and the biomass processed as usual. The terpenes can then be recombined with the concentrates or distillates, resulting in a full spectrum, terpene rich product that resembles the original biomass as closely as possible.

Automated Terpene Extraction

Direct distillation is a solventless extraction technique where the most volatile terpenes are gently evaporated from dry or fresh-frozen biomass prior to any subsequent cannabinoid extraction. By separating these compounds under deep vacuum, without the use of any solvents, a maximum yield of unadulterated cannabis derived terpenes can be harvested.

The integrated 15-inch touch screen HMI makes operation and compliance a breeze. First, a single operator loads material into the baffled extraction drum, slides the vessel into place, and then seals the connections.

Next, the automated controls take over and begin the pre-programmed extraction cycle, allowing the operator to tend to other tasks. The extraction vessel rotates under deep vacuum and gently heats the biomass, causing the lowest boiling point compounds to evaporate. Vapors from the chamber are condensed on a specially engineered cryogenic trap, freezing them in place for collection after the cycle is complete.

stx 90