MeP XT70 Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment

The MeP XT70 cannabis extraction equipment

Modular Extraction Platform XT70

Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment

Revolutionize your cannabis and hemp extraction process with the Modular Extraction Platform XT70 (MeP XT70) from ExtractionTek Solutions, the industry’s leader in high-capacity, closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction equipment. Boasting a material capacity of up to 70 liters and independent columns for continuous processing, the MeP XT70 offers unparalleled throughput and versatility. It’s optimally designed to accommodate propane, butane, and blended solvents, catering to a diverse range of concentrate products and making it a prime choice for commercial hydrocarbon extractors. With a remarkable processing capability of 30 lb per hour and arriving as a complete, turnkey solution, the MeP XT70 sets new standards in efficiency.

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