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Top 3 Tips for Starting a Cannabis Extraction Business

Starting any business can be a challenge, and the cannabis industry is no different. If you’re looking to start your own cannabis extraction facility, there are a few hurdles you should watch out for, as well as a few things to keep top of mind.

#1: Hiring Processes.  Staffing.  Staffing.  Staffing.

The people you hire will be a direct reflection of your business’ success.  In this industry, talent and knowledge are everything.  Cutting the cost of payroll is not the place you should cut corners.

For obvious reasons, your staff should be well versed in local laws and regulations.  In addition, consider the complexity of a cannabis processing operation.  With the use of chemicals and high-risk processes, you’ll need an educated and capable staff to keep your people and your business safe and secure.

Hire quality over quantity. The upfront cost of bringing on quality talent will drastically outweigh the even higher cost of errors and frequent staff turnover.

#2: Understanding the Right Process for Your End Goal

Start by understanding the end product or products you wish to produce.  Not every cannabis processing facility will require the same type or sizes of equipment.

Many of your equipment choices will require careful consideration and expert advice for the correct selection of equipment. Different extraction methods, for example, are required for producing different end-products.

Seek out professional advice from experts that have experience in creating the type and quality of end products you wish to produce.

#3: Starting with Expert Advice

Developing a profitable cannabis processing facility can be an extremely complex effort. As with any business, profitability is the end goal.  To ensure your business processes and lab design are in direct alignment, you should seriously consider seeking out experienced professionals before making any significant purchases.  If not, this has the potential to become a mistake with major financial consequences.

In many cases, starting a processing facility will require synchronized involvement from several specialists with cannabis-specific experience. Without proper facility planning from the very beginning, the risk of design mistakes, unnecessary repairs, and future renovations drastically increases.

In Conclusion:

Many factors are involved when developing a plan for opening a cannabis extraction facility.  To ensure that facility is profitable, it’s best to begin with expert advice.

At Root Sciences, our clients understand the intrinsic value of working with our team of technical experts. Backed by years of first-hand practitioner experience and technical know-how, our team has the unique ability to work hand-in-hand with business owners to assist with equipment selection or help manage the entire process. This ensures the new facility is properly designed and equipped with the most suitable technology for the needs of the operation.

From start to finish, our team is committed to our clients’ successful launch of profitable operations. Contact us today to learn more about the services and solutions we provide.