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What Is CBD Extract?

The more we get to know about cannabis, the more we can appreciate the fact that it is one of the most diverse plants with some of the most fascinating chemical properties. A once little-known cannabinoid, CBD (cannabidiol), has gained notoriety for its potential as a therapeutic agent derived from plants. Just the CBD oil market alone is predicted to reach $12.9 billion in sales globally by 2027. To create CBD oil and other products, however,  you first need CBD extract. But what is CBD extract and why is it valuable to processors? Let’s take a closer look.

CBD Extract Explained

Isolating cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant has made it possible to bring valuable constituents like CBD to the masses. What do you have after isolating specific compounds from any plant? An extract. So, CBD extract is essentially cannabidiol that has been pulled from the cannabis plant.

Why CBD Extracts Are So Popular

Whether speaking of an end product like CBD oil or the actual CBD extract itself, these are highly valued products for both the manufacturer/grower and the end-user. Through extraction, plant growers have the opportunity to offer something to their end customers that is non-intoxicating, which broadens their target consumer base. They also gain the advantage of creating their own CBD-based products, which can broaden their product line and increase their profits.

For end-users, CBD extracts are popular because they allow them to reap the proposed advantages of the cannabinoid without consuming cannabis in another way. For example, the only way to get CBD with traditional cannabis or even hemp is by smoking it, which is not desirable for every individual.

The Proposed Benefits of CBD

To date, CBD has been examined a number of times to pinpoint its actual therapeutic properties. Nevertheless, this research is just getting started and only now gaining momentum in the scientific community. Therefore, there is a lot yet to be discovered. So far, researchers have pointed out that CBD may offer help for people with:

  • Seizures
  • Pain
  • Tumors
  • Certain psychiatric issues
  • Neural issues

While a number of people are also claiming that CBD helps with things like workout recovery, appetite suppression, and even sleep, much of this is anecdotal and not yet backed by science.

How CBD Extract Is Made

CBD extract is made in a number of different ways. Essentially, any method that allows you to extract or pull out the cannabidiol from the plant matter could be deemed as an extraction process. Some ways to extract CBD from cannabis involve the use of chemicals or solvents. For example, CBD and other cannabinoids can be extracted from plant matter with the use of ethanol or some type of ethanol-based soaking or submersion. Likewise, some processors use chemical solvents that break down the cannabis.

The rise in popularity of CBD as a therapeutic agent has breathed new life into extraction processes, however. The modern-day methods of CBD extraction include using supercritical CO2 extraction, light hydrocarbon, or ethanol based extraction. After the oil is extracted, it must be distilled in order to isolate the CBD compounds. The distillation process involves winterization and short path distillation. Winterization allows for further filtration through mixing the extracted crude oil with ethanol and storing it below freezing for up to 48 hours. This causes some of the unwanted constituents to harden which is then filtered out. Using short path distillation equipment, the CBD oil is then further isolated using carefully controlled heat to separate the compounds. 

Products Made with CBD Extract

One of the reasons CBD extract is so popular among cannabis processors is the fact that it can be such a versatile product. Many CBD extracts end up being mixed with carrier oils, and sold as tinctures or just CBD oil. However, the consistency of the extract makes it a viable ingredient in so many other products. A few examples include:

  • CBD capsules
  • CBD-enriched skin care products
  • CBD-infused beverages or foods
  • Topical CBD products, like creams and salves
  • CBD vaping solutions

Cannabis processors looking to beef up their product lines beyond standard flower truly do have a lot of flexibility when they invest in extraction equipment. Not only can CBD be isolated, but so can other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant. Therefore, an investment in good extraction equipment can provide a completely new line of products based on the agents that can be extracted.

The Best CBD Extracts Start with the Best Extraction Processes

When it comes to creating a high-quality CBD extract that can be used to enhance your product line, the extraction equipment used can make all the difference. To get a good look at the different types of cannabis extraction and processing equipment that can be used when creating CBD extracts, be sure to take a look at the quality equipment from Root Sciences.