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You may have noticed that Root Sciences’ cannabis distillation equipment lineup has not only changed in 2022 but has also considerably expanded.

We’ve made significant improvements and customizations to our cannabis distillation lineup that include the expansion of our distillation model offerings. We’ve made these changes to provide specific models that are best suited to each client’s processing needs and requirements.

VKL 70-5 And The New VKL 75 Distillation System

Moving from a distillation lineup of 3 models to a new lineup of 6+, questions have been pouring in about the differences between our prior models versus the new models in our lineup. Among those questions, the most common is “What is the difference between the prior VKL 70-5 and the new VKL 75 distillation system?”

The simple answer is our VKL 75 is the replacement for the VKL 70-5. It has the same (0.05 m2) evaporator as before and many of the same parts too. The most obvious change is the fully welded square-tube frame. There are a few new features/improvements (e.g., diffusion pump bypass) and we’ve also removed one TCU, by connecting the residue and feed circuits, to help bring the cost down. Lastly, we now have some optional extras (e.g., -100 °C immersion chiller) so you can customize the unit to your liking.

However, the major difference between these models is what business owners typically care about most upon opening a new processing facility: the price point.  The pricing on these new VKL 75 units is now extremely competitive in today’s marketplace.  When you combine the pricing of these new models along with their reliability and functionality, purchasing a distillation machine from Root Sciences is just an easy decision. 

Learn more about the VKL 75 here.

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As a testament to our commitment to the industry, Root Sciences now has approximately 400 cannabis and hemp processors using our equipment across the globe, and many are repeat customers. For Root Sciences, the sale is just the beginning, and we aim to nurture a long-term partnership with all our clients. After equipment is delivered and installed, our training and after-sales support are where the long-term value is added. Contact us today to learn more about the services and solutions we provide.