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Root Sciences Announces Partnership with ExtractionTek Stainless (ETS)

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Root Sciences and ExtractionTek Stainless sign an agreement to jointly provide cannabis processing and extraction solutions worldwide.

Root Sciences and ExtractionTek Stainless (formerly ExtractionTek Solutions) have joined forces to provide industry-leading extraction, distillation, and post-processing solutions to the market for cannabinoid applications.

Root Sciences recognized that the equipment solutions manufactured by ExtractionTek Stainless would fit the processing needs of both ethanol and hydrocarbon extraction operators.  Since its inception in 2011, ExtractionTek Stainless has been a major influencer in the extraction industry in numerous capacities, including safety, quality, efficiency, and services provided. ExtractionTek also provides U.S. STEEL. ENGINEER PEER-REVIEWED, ASME, C1D1, and 3-A SANITARY COMPLIANT equipment.

“Since 2015, Root Sciences has been at the forefront of providing end-to-end processing solutions to clients across the cannabis industry. As the industry continues to consolidate, Root Sciences recognized the need to partner with a knowledgeable and reputable manufacturer of hydrocarbon and ethanol extraction equipment. We have used ETS’s hydrocarbon extractors at a sister facility for years and know the quality of the equipment and expertise of their team well. ETS was at the top of our partner list, and we’re thrilled to formalize this relationship and expand our equipment offering to include ETS’s solutions.”

-Forrest Didier, Chief Executive Officer, Root Sciences


We are delighted to be working with Root Sciences. Their reputation for providing premium end-to-end equipment solutions is unmatched.  As the industry continues to seek complete lab equipment solutions and services, we knew that Root Sciences would be the ideal partner for helping to expand our client base in the hemp and cannabis industries.”  

-Sean Winfield, Chief Marketing Officer, ExtractionTek Stainless


About Root Sciences:

Root Sciences is the global leader in the distribution of equipment and support services for processing facilities in the cannabis and hemp industries, providing premium extraction, distillation, and other post-processing technologies as well as business planning, lab/facility design, and consulting services. With over 400 systems in operation worldwide, Root Sciences has the expertise and premium equipment to meet throughput needs for any size facility or processing operation. For more information about Root Sciences and their new lines of equipment, please visit


About ExtractionTek Stainless:

Established in 2011, ExtractionTek Stainless produces quality-manufactured, safe, and efficient extraction machines, forging the paths needed for using light hydrocarbon, propane, and butane as solvents. ExtractionTek Stainless manufactures four hydrocarbon extraction machines ranging from 2 lbs. to 35 lbs. of source material capacity, delivering industry-leading processing speeds catering to a wide range of run sizes. ExtractionTek Solutions acquired Pinnacle Stainless in 2020 and became ExtractionTek Stainless. For information on ExtractionTek Stainless, visit

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