Introducing CryoExS: The All-In-One Cold Ethanol Extraction System

March 9, 2020

CryoExS is the first all-in-one cold ethanol extraction system by Root Sciences that provides the following processes in one package:

(1) Solvent Chilling

(2) Ethanol Extraction

(3) Ethanol Recovery

(4) Post-Extraction Ethanol Removal (from Biomass)

(5) Decarboxylation/Devolatilization

Root Sciences now offers three different CryoExS models to process between 400 to 4,000 pounds throughput per 8-hour shift!

CryoExS is manufactured in Germany by DEVEX GmbH.  DEVEX has been at the forefront of botanical extraction for over two decades.

Check out our latest video of CryoExS here.