Image of ExtractionTek's hydrocarbon extraction equipment, the MEGA-miniMeP, a compact and efficient hydrocarbon extraction machine with a 20-liter capacity, showcasing versatile solvent compatibility and robust safety features, ideal for the cannabis extraction industry.

MEGA Mini Modular Extraction Platform

Hydrocarbon Extraction Equipment

ExtractionTek’s MEGA Mini Modular Extraction Platform (MEGA-miniMeP) redefines efficiency in the cannabis extraction industry, offering unparalleled production throughput for today’s growing concentrates market. Built on the innovative closed-loop Modular Extraction Platform, this machine boasts the latest hydrocarbon extraction technology. Its versatile design allows for the use of propane, butane, or blended solvents, making it ideal for producing a wide range of concentrated retail products. With a 20-liter capacity and the ability to process up to 17.5 pounds per hour using multiple recovery pump solutions, the MEGA-miniMeP stands out for its high efficiency and throughput. Safety is paramount, as evidenced by its 3rd-party engineer peer review and compliance with ultra-low temperature operation standards.

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