VKL 70-5

A Turnkey Solution Wiped Film
Short Path Distillation For the Hemp and Cannabis Industry


The first model in our VTA line of distillation equipment is the VKL 70-5. The VKL 70-5 has a throughput capability of 1,000-1,500 ml per hour, and yields approximately 5 liters of distillate per 8 hour shift.

Key Features

Throughput Capability
1,000-1,500 mI per hour

True Continuous Feed
Patented design allows for uninterrupted operation by continuously feeding cannabis oil into the feed tank and dispensing finished product out to atmosphere without breaking vacuum

Fully Jacketed System
The VKL 70-5 is heated from start to finish, negating the use of heating tape or heat guns to keep the product moving through the system

Fully Pump-Driven Operation
Integrated pumps provide full operator control overfeed and discharge rates instead of relying on gravity type drip feed systems

Expert On-Site Training
Instruction on operation of equipment and proprietary parameters for producing distillate are included with purchase

Optimal Yields and Potency
Analytic results up to 99.85% total cannabinoids

Throughput (per hour)1,000 to 1,500 ml
Distillate Yield4 to 5 liters
StagesSingle, Dual Stage Available
Electrical60A 240V, Single phase
Standards AvailableUL – CE
RegulationsGMP ready
Dimensions (LxWxH)5.8′ x 3.2′ x 7.1′
Weight580 kg (gross)