Root Sciences Featured in Issue 2 of Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly

April 7, 2020

Just released: The latest full edition of Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly, a MCN (Medical Cannabis Network) publication, brought to you by Health Europa.

Inside this issue, you’ll find Root Sciences’ latest article covering the topic of nanoemulsions featured from pages 82 – 85. Read the full issue here, released in April of 2020.

MCN Quarterly was formed with a specific purpose in mind.  In a different article published in January of 2020, MCN expressed that the publication seeks to “cover several elements of the on-going movement, from cannabis policy and advocacy, the on-going research into the endocannabinoid system, new developments such as the recently-announced Irish Medical Cannabis Access Programme, recruitment within the evolving industry, cannabis’ applications in mental health and even social aspects – such as the ongoing black market.”  They then go on to say that “in Europe, until such a time as there (are) harmonized polic(ies) across the continent…companies, advocates, policymakers and anyone wishing to drive innovation and increased access must come together for the common goal and the end result they all strive for; increased access to high quality, novel formulations of cannabis-based medicines with patients at the center of the fight.”

Root Sciences is honored to be featured in the April 2020 issue of Medical Cannabis Network Quarterly.