Cryo Ethanol Extraction System
[Coming Soon]

Cannabis Crude Oil Extraction, Ethanol Recovery and Decarboxylation

Coming Soon from the Global Leaders in Bio-Extraction Technology

Root Sciences & DEVEX

Root Sciences has led the industry in post-processing technology through its exclusive global relationship with German manufacturer, VTA.

Root Sciences is proud to announce our partnership with DEVEX, the global leader in Cryo Ethanol Extraction Equipment.

Coming soon, Root Sciences and DEVEX will pave the way for cryo ethanol as a sustainable solution for pre-distilltion crude cannabis oil.

Cryo Ethanol Extraction System CryoEXS

Preliminary Key Features

  • All in 1 Cryo-Extraction, solvent recovery, and Decarboxylation system
  • Throughput: 400 lbs per 8-hour day
  • Solvent Recovery Rate: 350L / hour and up
  • Solvent Residual: Low residual solvent left in spent biomass by means of steam stripping
  • Extraction temperature: -40 to -60 Degrees C
  • No Need to De-wax