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From Plant to Bottle: Cannabinoid Nanoemulsion Webinar Announcement

Interested in learning about the manufacturing process of beverages made with cannabinoid nanoemulsion?

Sign up on our website for our free webinar scheduled for next Tuesday, August 25th.

Jointly presented by GEA and Root Sciences, this webinar will explore state-of-the-art technologies employed to both extract and emulsify high-quality CBD for use in beverages and other food products.

Here are highlights of the program:

  • Part One: Maximizing CBD Extraction from Hemp, Presented by GEA
    • Solvent extraction techniques
    • The importance of the winterization process in CBD oil production
    • How centrifugal separation technology can work to produce a high-quality extract
  • Part Two: From Plant to Bottle: State-of-the-Art Science and Technology Now Used for Manufacturing CBD Emulsified Beverages, Presented by Root Sciences
    • Understanding the Nanoemulsion Craze: Advantages for both the manufacturer and the consumer
    • The Science Behind the Product: A High-level explanation of the cannabinoid nano emulsification process
    • A Partner for Success: How Root Sciences’ ready-made formulations expedite product development

Come prepared with your questions. Our application experts will be on hand for a lively discussion after the presentations to answer all things related to cannabinoid nanoemulsion.


  • Sean Eicher, Market Manager, Separation Technologies, GEA North America
  • Lauren Hitt, Marketing Director, Root Sciences
  • Steven Brewster, R & D Technician, Root Sciences


  • Robert Cupka, Director, Homogenization, GEA North America