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How to Size Your Distillation Unit: A Guide for Future Purchases

When planning to purchase a distillation unit for cannabis processing, understanding throughput and system requirements is essential. Here are some tips to help you effectively size your future system purchase, with a particular focus on Root Sciences’ VTA distillation plants.


1. Assess Your Throughput Needs 

Throughput is the amount of material a distillation unit can process within a given timeframe, measured in kilograms per hour (kg/hr). To estimate your required throughput, consider your current production volume and future growth projections.


2. Understand the Types of Distillation Units 

Distillation units come in various scales. Root Sciences’ VTA distillation plants, designed and manufactured in Germany, cater to laboratory, pilot, and industrial-scale operations. They are intended explicitly for processing cannabis and hemp crude oil, ensuring a distillate suitable for a wide variety of market products.


3. Consider the Quality of the End Product 

The purity and potency of the final distillate are paramount. VTA’s advanced wiped-film and short-path distillation technology optimize the process and scalability, meeting increasing production demands while ensuring superior product purity and yield.


4. Plan for Scalability 

Choose a unit that meets your current needs and accommodates future expansion. Root Sciences’ VTA distillation plants provide easy scalability, which is crucial to avoid a complete system overhaul as your production grows.


5. Budget Accordingly 

Invest in quality equipment that fits your budget. Analyze the cost-effectiveness of different units, like VTA’s, which are expertly engineered to balance initial investment with long-term operational benefits.


6. Seek Expert Advice 

Consult with industry experts and equipment manufacturers for personalized advice. Root Sciences and VTA’s team of specialists can guide you through equipment selection and process optimization based on your specific needs.


Considering these factors and Root Sciences’ VTA distillation plants’ specialized offerings, you can decide on the right distillation unit for your business, ensuring efficiency, quality, and yield in your cannabis processing operations.


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