New Extraction Technologies Lining Up to Be Game-Changers

June 3, 2020

In this article titled “New Extraction Technologies Lining Up to Be Game-Changers” published by CANNABIS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY in May of 2020, Root Sciences is listed amongst a select list of companies that made the cut.  “CryoEXS is the first all-in-one cold ethanol extraction system by Root Sciences that provides the following processes in one package: solvent chilling, ethanol extraction, ethanol recovery, post-extraction ethanol removal from biomass, and decarboxylation or devolatilization. Three models are now available to process between 400 to 4000 lbs throughput per 8-h shift. Manufactured in Germany by DEVEX GmbH. DEVEX has been at the forefront of botanical extraction for over two decades.”

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