May 16, 2017

The marijuana industry is fast becoming more mainstream in the United States. Medical legalization has spread to include 28 states as of March 2017. More are in the forecast for approval before the end of the year. Currently, the cannabis industry is worth close to five billion dollars. As the cannabis industry unfolds, it is expected to employ more people in the United States than the manufacturing industry. Experts estimate this number to reach 300,000, by 2020.


Insiders must work to stay ahead of the widening competition pool as the industry continues to grow. The goal to produce the purest possible concentrate ranks highly among processors. Over the last two decades, conversion has relied on common methods of extraction. The concentrated form is then used for specific purposes, depending on the patient and/or recreational user.


Cory Balma of Root Sciences is also a technician for Suspended Brands (Bare Concentrates), a Washington-based i502 producer / processor.
He has uncovered the secret to the purest forms of cannabis. It is not the practiced method of extraction that many assume. Instead, Balma has discovered the cutting edge of cannabis production. Special distillation equipment makes it possible to manufacture the clearest concentrates possible.


Typical extraction methods use solvents, such as butane, propane, CO2 and alcohol. These derive potent concentrates from the cannabis plant. Concentrates of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are extracted from the cannabis plant during this process. Extraction produces a refined product. The refined product has a far greater purity level than the 15-25% of THC that is often found in the average flower.

Cannabis distillation involves a process known as ‘short path distillation.‘ This removes unwanted molecules for a cleaner and clearer concentrate. This sophisticated process produces concentrates with total cannabinoids  up to 99.95%. Generally, the distillation process separates the terpenes from the cannabinoids, which is the source of “flavor, smell and enhanced effect”. The workers at the Organa lab in Denver, Colorado, use cannabis distillation to create potent concentrates. With distillation, they are able to create the concentrates while preserving the terpenes.

The resulting concentrate is cleaner and clearer than anything ever used before.


Industry leaders have created an innovative distillation system that will not reduce quality. Although it maintains the desired effects, it removes unwanted residue. Until now, extraction methods have left this residue behind. Root Sciences Short Path Distillation apparatus is a Wiped Film Evaporator that can process up to 1500ml per hour of BHO or CO2 oil. This process turns the oil into a high-value clear THC distillate.

This innovative distillation equipment has brought new excitement to the cannabis industry. The ability to produce high concentrations of THC allows consumers the best experience possible. The short path distillation equipment is quick and easy to use. Its automated system provides high concentrations of THC and CBD. This equipment is groundbreaking in nature. It has gained popularity among a wide audience within the cannabis industry.


Research supports various uses for concentrated THC oil. Many recreational users have appreciated THC for years. However, there is a renewed growing interest in its healing properties among the medical community.

  • THC has been found to benefit the following: pain relief, digestion, appetite, disease, cancer and tumor growth.
  • THC earned notoriety and achieved a newfound status among the medical field due to its ability to inhibit cancer cell growth.
  • The National Cancer institute has performed research supporting THC and cancer cell growth. A California-based institute also agrees with this research about tumor growth. The findings show that cannabinoids are capable of halting the gene responsible for the growth of breast cancer.
  • THC is one of the most recognized cannabinoids due to its psychoactive nature. It has many other qualities that have received less recognition.
  • THC has been shown effective in treating the symptoms of epilepsy, inflammation, depression, anorexia and digestive problems.
    Many people are unaware that THC distillate is not always smoked. It is possible to use tinctures or vape cartridges. It is also edible without producing the cannabis odor.
  • THC is the naturally-occurring substance found in cannabis and hemp.
  • In recent years the media has highlighted the psychoactive properties found within THC. Until the recent reports by the media, THC received very little attention.
  • THC, which is psychoactive, is sometimes combined with CBD, which is not psychoactive.
  • The combination of these two cannabinoids, however, is not always necessary to produce an effect


The short path distillation unit is a new and unique way of extracting the most concentrated levels ever available to consumers. Its cutting edge technology provides a way of delivering the greatest results possible. The equipment’s designers are part of the industry’s leading forces, providing professional support, expertise, and education to customers. THC is no longer appealing only to the recreational user. Now, physicians, patients, and their families are hopeful because of discoveries regarding THC. More and more people are showing an interest in the possibilities surrounding THC and  physicians and scientists have found that THC has a variety of uses and their discoveries illustrate the untapped potential of THC.

With the equipment created by Root Sciences, featuring a continuous feed fully-jacketed system, consumers are finding a method that is easy to use and accessible to everyone. The cannabis industry is a strong force in tomorrow’s economy. Reports show that the industry will continue providing more revenue and jobs. Cannabis distillation gives us a glimpse into the industry’s future. This equipment provides an efficient and productive way to derive cannabis’s most beneficial properties. It offers those in the cannabis business a better way of providing their product to consumers.

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