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VKL 70-5 Demonstration on Canna Cribs

Featured in this #throwbackthursday CannaCribs episode on YouTube, Fadi Yashruti of Root Sciences explains the benefits of the VKL 70-5 distillation system.

Root Sciences’ Cannabis Distillation Equipment uses gear pumps (instead of gravity-fed systems) to pump oil through the machine, resulting in a far more precise separation of cannabinoids.
You too can achieve test results as high as 99.85% total cannabinoids (on day one) with Root Sciences’ equipment.


Want this machine?  Good news: The current lead time on this model (VKL 70-5 Glass Plant) is now just 4-6 weeks!  (as of May 21, 2020)  Also, if you’re considering leasing or financing options, Root Sciences now has several partners currently offering up to $10 million for equipment financing. When you’re ready to make a purchase, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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Fadi in Canna Cribs