Engineering Services

We understand that setting up a cannabis processing facility can be a daunting prospect.  Rest assured, Root Sciences is here to help.  Whether you have a specific problem to solve or you would like assistance with an entire end-to-end solution, we have the in-house talent and experience to make it happen.  

Our engineering services can be broken down into the following areas of specialization:

Distillate Application Engineering Services

Root Sciences shares our wealth of knowledge in how to best formulate distillate (and terpenes) for use in vapor cartridges. 

Pre-Distillation Engineering Services

There are many steps required before distillation can commence. This service will ensure the processor is well versed in proper practices for winterization, de-waxing prior to distillation. 

Concentrates & Formulations Engineering Services

There are multiple forms of concentrates that can be produced from a hydrocarbon extraction, such as shatter, crumble, wax, and sugar. This service is fitting for clients utilizing a light hydrocarbon-based extraction method. 

Nanoemulsion Engineering Services

To complement our line of GEA nanoemulsion/homogenization systems, we also have the knowledge to provide you with basic formulation instructions and proprietary SOPs.  

Without an in-house team of scientists, much of this information would be extremely difficult for most of our clients to procure.  Even with the necessary specialists, it could take several months of R&D to have things operating efficiently.  Instead, Root Sciences can have you hit the ground running, saving you time and money with this type of service. 

end-to-end lab, facility and business planning

Backed by years of hands-on experience in both growing and processing, our knowledgebase as a team of practitioners and process engineers is unmatched in the hemp and cannabis industries.

These decades of experience enable us to provide the most efficient and effective engineering services to our clients, enabling them to start a company or grow an existing one in a timely fashion, confident that they are being supplied with industry-leading solutions backed by proven performance.

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Upon request, Root Sciences also offers individual engineering services:


Have you experienced staff turnover, forgotten best practices, or just need a refresher? Whatever the reason, Root Sciences can provide your team with our professional retraining services. These services include the latest industry best practices, designed to ensure your staff operates Root Sciences’ equipment at the highest level of performance. 

Equipment Refurbishment

Have you recently acquired a second-hand machine, has your original machine been neglected, or do you just need a thorough cleaning, maintenance and a fresh start? Whatever the situation, Root Sciences can perform a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance service that includes machine disassembly, replacing valves and rings, rebuilding gear pumps, and getting your machine running like new. 

Machine Relocation

Have you recently acquired a second-hand machine that needs to be moved to your location?  From machine breakdown, packing, shipping, and reassembly, Root Sciences can help you every step of the way.

Membership Advantages

Once your machine is refurbished and your staff is retrained, keep your equipment and processing operations thriving with one of Root Sciences’ membership offerings. Root Sciences members enjoy numerous benefits, including online parts ordering, discounts on replacement parts, regular cleaning and maintenance visits, 24/7 access to Root Sciences’ proprietary library of training materials, and ongoing support from our professional engineering team.

As an added benefit to our clients, platinum members receive all engineering services as part of their annual membership. 

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As an added benefit, clients that join Root Sciences’ Premier Program receive all engineering services as part of their annual membership.

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